Sample Page

The use of HTML or Website language has been selected to convey the information contained within this website on the model L Lincolns and Antique and Classic Automobile Restoration. Reasons for this are:

    1. HTML lends itself for easy integration of text and graphics, either as jpeg images or gif graphics. Valuable information can come in the form of written text, photographs, or graphics. A perfect example is the engine detail page which calls out certain finishes for specific parts. It also includes photographs of a finished product to aid the viewer.
  1. HTML can be revised and updated quite easily. While a single volume or manuscript can be created, the minute that it is published, it is frozen in time. Any revisions would have to be via a second edition or appendices.
  2. HTML can be displayed via the internet or distributed as a group of files via a mass media such as a Compact Disk (CD). No one can say with certainty how or where this may information will be read, transmitted, or archived in the future.
  3. Computer use has expanded greatly for the past ten years till now, 2016. Clearly, the use of the home computer is a tool that will remain with the global population for decades to come. While it may seem unfair to current collectors who may not have this ability, the trend of digital/computer use cannot be ignored. Current collectors will be able through some resource (library or friend) to benefit from this product. It was prepared with the future in mind.


Lincoln collectors since the 1950’s and 1960’s have contributed greatly to the preservation of the Lincoln Marque. Over the years till into the 21st Century, books have been written, literature has been preserved and reproduced, and replacement parts and accessories have been remanufactured. Some of this information has been lost or not captured in sufficient detail or promogulated to other Lincoln enthusiasts. It is therefore the intent ofthis website to capture and display in one place valuable information pertaining specifically to the model L Lincoln and antique and classic car restoration in general. What is included is mostly mechanical information about the model L Lincoln. Other information such as serial number and model number may be included as time and space permits. This information is covered in other sources such as documents as offered by the Lincolns Owners Club. What is not included is general or commonly found restoration information such as a particular type or brand of paint that in two or three decades from now will likely have been discontinued or revised. It is the authors intention that it will be useful for collectors from now (2016) till decades to come.

Updates and revisions to this product are anticipated and encouraged.