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Model L, K, KA and KB Lincoln High Speed Ring and Pinion Gears


Results are:

9 Model L Gear Sets Ordered

12 Model K Gear Sets Ordered

  • Mid to Late 1928, all 1929 & all 1930 Model L
  • 1931 Model K
  • 1932-1934 Model KA & KB

Lincoln Motorcars produced from mid to late 1928 through 1930 model L series, 1931 model K and 1932-1934 Model KA & KB used a straddle mounted ring and pinion gear set in the carís rear axle or more commonly referred to as the differential. The straddle mount differs from early model L Lincolnís by the use of a roller bearing at the tip of the pinion gear. The gears varied in sizes or ratios depending on the cars intended purposes and were available in four speeds: 4.23:1, 4.58:1, 4.90:1, and the lowest at 5.11:1. Limousines for example were likely to use the 5.11:1 ratio to allow the engine sufficient power to pull the extra weight. Roadsters almost always used the faster ratio of 4.23:1. Given the road conditions then, these ratios provided ample pulling power, climbing ability and moderate speed. The high speed ring & pinion ratio proposed is the 3.96:1. This will allow a moderate increase in speed for todayís highways without adversely affecting to a great extent the carís ability to climb hills. This 3.96:1 ratio gear set has recently been positively documented by Dr. Glenn Hamilton of Ohio over the earlier 3.77:1 gear sets manufactured in the 1970ís.

This is a solicitation for Lincoln owners for a group purchase to have a set of high speed ring and pinion gears manufactured. The single set price is $2,200, six orders, unit price is $1,750 and for twelve orders, unit price is $1550 each. Shipping in the US is approximately $30.

Contact Mr. Phil Bray, ORF Corporation, 8858 Ferry Road, Grosse Ile, Michigan 48138 home (734) 676-5520, Bus (734) 516-9660, Mr. Bray is not requiring a deposit and delivery is approximately 12-14 weeks.

Deadline for ordering is Friday February 29, 2008.

Project Facilitator: Chris Wantuck, 72 West Sunset Avenue, Red Bank, NJ 07701-1434, home (732) 530-1917, office (732) 427-1971 or

Lincoln Owners Club (LOC) Notice Publishing Dr. Hamilton's Experience

Photos of the Early Model L Lincoln Rear Axle.
If your model L axle looks like this, this project is NOT for you.
Early Driver Side Rear Axle, Click to Enlarge Early Passenger Side Rear Axle, Click to Enlarge

Photos of the Late Model L Lincoln Rear Axle.
If your model L axle looks like this, this project is OK for you.
Late Driver Side Rear Axle, Click to Enlarge Late Passenger Side Rear Axle, Click to Enlarge
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